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      Company Profile

      AE Technologies(GD) Co., Ltd. AE TECH) was established in 2000 and was awarded as provincial high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province (GR201844002697、GR202244008773), China. With the tenet of “Technology Serving the Society” and the concept of “Leading Technology, Superior Quality and Professional Service”, the company focuses on the development strategy of “Technology + Cooperation + Capital”. Based on…


      AE Technologies(GD) Co., Ltd.

      Fresh home

      Candle, was regarded in the past as the illumination of the night. Nowadays, it is a way to adjust the taste of life. Aromatherapy, which emits pleasant fragrance, has the functions of beauty and health care, nerve relaxation, air purification and odor elimination. Our company's LED anion and heated fragrance candle……

      Art lighting

      Urban lighting is changing from “lighting up” to “becoming beautiful”. We have accumulated more than 20 years of lighting technology, and we are committed to integrating lighting, beauty and light and shadow technology with “Guangdong Lighting Silk Roads Cultural Development Co., Ltd.” as a platform…

      Health lightting

      The research and development of products in the health field is the direction of the company's long-term exploration.We provide classroom lighting solutions based on photobiological effects, in order to solve the problem of easy myopia caused by the phenomenon of stroboscopic lights and glare in school lights.When the outbreak occurred, the company independently developed and introduced disinfection lamp products. Use good disinfection products to fight the virus together.

      Plant lighting

      Light is an important factor in plant growth. Plants absorb chlorophyll in the light. In the plant, carbon dioxide and water synthesize carbohydrates to release oxygen into the respiratory process, providing kinetic energy for plant growth. Light is needed in the process of the germination of plant seeds, elongation…